Born and bred in the basement venues, dive bars, and subway cars of the Lower East Side, Lovechild sounds like the history of rock & roll on the gritty streets of New York. Known for poetic waxings about the many ups, downs, and in-betweens of life in the city they call home, Lovechild’s country and psychedelia tinged rock & roll is at once reminiscent of classic bands like the Stones and the Beatles while maintaining a fresh and authentic voice. Songwriter and frontman Leo Liebeskind has done his homework, paying homage to troubadours from Leadbelly to Dylan to Cobain to Frank Ocean, and lead guitarist Aaron Mones’ diverse array of six-string magic recalls all the great pickers from Clapton to Page to Deangelo to Blake Mills, as the band finds itself picking up the reins of a long-established genre and steering it into new territory. While recording in home studios and bedrooms from Pennsylvania to Connecticut to Woodstock to Brooklyn, Lovechild has graced the stage at countless venues around New York and the rest of the East Coast and continues to build its following with dynamic and dramatic live performances. With Wyatt Mones doing double duty as the band’s bassist and producer, Lovechild has 4 singles out so far and is prepping the release of its debut record, set for the fall of 2019.



Dead Flower Children: Lovechild Live

“Aaron Mones’ guitar playing is nuanced and dynamic, his tone so tempered and textured it cuts right through you. Leo Liebeskind’s vocals, at once youthful and wearied, spin insouciant yarns about trying to preserve some semblance of hope or joy while inheriting a world that seems to have one foot in the grave.”


Fall in Love with Lovechild’s ‘Happiness One’

“In just 5 minutes, the masterminds behind Lovechild sweep listeners out of time and space and into a wistful ballad that transcends what we know about the listening experience. “Happiness One,” though sparse, is packed with emotion, an enchanting piece of psychedelic love.”


Lovechild brings 60s Psych Americana to the Knitting Factory…

“…[Lovechild] sounds like a grungier version of something by the Rolling Stones, on drugs. In a good way.”