A band in which

Leo writes the songs & sings them,

Aaron owns many guitars & plays them,

Wyatt doesn't own a bass but still plays it,

Karl’s on keys this time around,

& Daryl hits on the AND of 4.


Lovechild is: Leo Liebeskind: Writer, singer, general skeptic, New York City native. Raised in a leftist microcosm full of social activism and non-conformity, and with songwriting legend Irving Berlin on one side of his family and Eugene Becker, assistant principal violist of the NY Philharmonic under Leonard Bernstein, on the other, Leo was introduced to the music of artists like Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, and the Grateful Dead at a young age. Starting to write songs when he was 12, Leo channeled his family’s tradition of social activism into his music, opening for Pete Seeger at age 15, and gigging around Lower Manhattan during his high school years. At Oberlin College, he founded the Tour On Poverty, with a mission to help disenfranchised populations across the United States through the power of live music, promoting a message of progress, peace, and togetherness.  To date the tours have rocked shows in 20 states, raising money for local charitable organizations in the towns that the tour visited. 



Dead Flower Children: Lovechild Live

“Aaron Mones’ guitar playing is nuanced and dynamic, his tone so tempered and textured it cuts right through you. Leo Liebeskind’s vocals, at once youthful and wearied, spin insouciant yarns about trying to preserve some semblance of hope or joy while inheriting a world that seems to have one foot in the grave.”


Fall in Love with Lovechild’s ‘Happiness One’

“In just 5 minutes, the masterminds behind Lovechild sweep listeners out of time and space and into a wistful ballad that transcends what we know about the listening experience. “Happiness One,” though sparse, is packed with emotion, an enchanting piece of psychedelic love.”


Lovechild brings 60s Psych Americana to the Knitting Factory…

“…[Lovechild] sounds like a grungier version of something by the Rolling Stones, on drugs. In a good way.”